Gatewaygateway_logoFor C&W Atlanta’s annual Great Day of Service for 2015, we will once again partner with the Atlanta United Way to assist one of their charitable organizations. On Thursday, September 24, we will all meet at Gateway Center, a community center dedicated helping individuals move out of homelessness and become self-sufficient. Located in Downtown Atlanta at 275 Pryor Street, Gateway Center provides services and programs to more than 500 people every day. To learn more, visit

For the Great Day of Service at Gateway Center, there’s a lot that C&W can do to help. Please review the various activities below, and then enter in your name and choice of activity. Please be aware that some activities will require interaction with Gateway residents, and others will not. Also, some activities may require special clothing or tools. Finally, for some activities, there are only a limited number of spaces available, so if you’re interested be sure to sign up soon!

Our Great Day of Service will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m. at Gateway Center. Transportation to the area includes MARTA (Gateway Center is a short walk from the Garnett Station) or by car – there are a number of surface parking lots nearby. At 9:00 we will have an orientation meeting and then split up for our specific activities at 9:30. The Great Day of Service will run through 12:30 p.m. – if you finish your activity early, please go join another group and help them finish their work. Due to the nature of Gateway Center, we will not be having an on-site C&W picnic lunch this year.

Stay tuned for more information about our Great Day of Service 2015 – but go ahead and sign up for your activity today!

Great Day of Service Sign-Up Sheet

Great Day of Service 2015 Activities

Interior Painting—Team Leaders: Ashley Jones & Rob Stuart
United Way will supply paint, brushes, and other supplies, so just wear your painting clothes and get ready to brighten up Gateway Center’s interior halls and rooms. We can use as many volunteers as possible for this group, and the activity is expected to last the entire event. There will be no interaction with Gateway residents for this activity.

Interior Cleaning—Team Leaders: George Olmstead
Again, United Way will supply the cleaning supplies, so be sure to wear old clothes and get ready to put in some elbow grease! We can use up to 15 people for this activity, and it is expected to last 3.0 hours. There will be no interaction with Gateway residents for this activity.

Exterior Cleaning: —Team Leaders: Randy Beavers
This activity includes pressure washing, window cleaning, etc. and United Way will provide supplies. We only need 10 volunteers for this activity, which should run about 1.5 hours. There will be some interaction with residents for this activity.

Lobby Brunch:—Team Leaders: Heather Gulesserian & Jon Mayeske
We will prepare and serve breakfast to residents, with United Way providing the food and cooking equipment. This activity will likely take 1.5 hours and we need up to 15 volunteers. There will be interaction with the residents for this activity.

Lunch Bags—Team Leaders: Swati Patel & Chad Koenig
This activity involves preparing and distributing bag lunches to residents, using food and equipment from United Way. The activity will take 2.0 hours and we’re looking for 15 volunteers. There will be interaction with residents for this activity.

Gardening—Team Leaders: Angela Evans & Travis Presnell
Gateway Center features a small garden for residents’ use. We will help clean up the area and do some general weeding, pruning, etc. so bring your green thumb! We need 10 volunteers and expect this activity to last 3.0 hours. There will be no interaction with Gateway residents for this activity.

Clothing Closet—Team Leaders: Kathy Hoffman & Ray Stache
A big part of Gateway Center’s support to residents is providing clothing that is donated from all over the city. This team of up to 15 volunteers will work with 55 Allen Plaza management to start a building clothing drive to collect winter coats, and then on the Great Day of Service, help sort the Center’s clothing closet and organize the donations. We expect this activity to last 1.5 hours and there will be interaction with residents.

Canvas Art:—Team Leaders: TJ Jacobs & Jason Mallory
United Way will supply large canvas banners, paint and brushes – we need 7 volunteers to help create signage that will help brighten the residents’ day. This activity is expected to last 2.0 hours and there will be interaction with residents.

Hygiene Kits: —Team Leaders: Chawnn Redden & Brian Alcorn
Also working with 55 Ivan Allen management, this team of 15 will organize a donation drive for the building to collect things like soap, shampoo, razors, combs, etc. and wil then package these items into hygiene kits and distribute them to residents. We expect this activity to last only 1.0 hour and there will be resident interaction.

Veteran’s Café: —Team Leaders: Carey Poole & Matt Jarrett
The top floor of the Center is home to a special wing dedicated to our veterans in need. This group of 15 will spend 3.0 hours interacting with the veteran residents, listening to their stories, playing cards or board games, and just being there for those who gave to their country.

Resume Building/Interviewing Skills—Team Leaders: Telly Fathaly & Ronnie Davis
Part of getting residents back into the working world is assisting them with the skills and tools needed to secure a job and a path to self-sufficiency. We need 10 volunteers to work with residents (who will have made appointments for this service – they are very interested and motivated) and help them polish up their resumes and interviewing skills. This activity will last 3.0 hours.

Nail Clinic—Team Leaders: Cathy Sheehan & Ryan Rawls
Volunteers will offer to either paint nails or provide a simple manicure in the client engagement center. This allows you to spend a little time with center’s residents and visitors. This activity could run 2-3 hours.